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A Letter from the General

by Maurice McLoughlin

September 8-17, 2017

Director: Jennifer Willison

A revolution has taken place in the Far East in 1950 and the nuns who work at a mission for orphaned children are ordered to leave. One of the nuns receives a letter from the General, who is the new Governor of the Province, which has a profound impact on the decision to stay or go. A poignant play not to be missed.


Rev. Mother: Robyn Williams
Sister Henry: Linda Young
Sister Lucy: Courtney Gibson
Sister Bridget: Janet Shay
Sister Magdalen: Carole Grace
Ruth Stilton: Paula Searle
Arthur Stilton: Christopher Clark
Capt. Lee: Dan Ferris
Father Schiller: Michael Richmond
Lighting Design: Wayne Chee

Costume Design:


Joanna Simpson 
& Rhonda Chapman






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Friday September 8: 7.30pm
Saturday September 9: 2.00pm & 7.30pm
Sunday September 10: 2.00pm
Friday September 15: 7.30pm
Saturday September 16: 2.00pm & 7.30pm
Sunday September 17: 2.00pm