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Calendar Girls

by Tim Firth

November 16-25, 2018

Directed by Christopher Hamilton

A ‘maturing’ group of ladies from the local Women's Institute is desperately looking to raise money for leukemia awareness.

They come up with the idea of posing for an ‘alternative’ calendar – with just a little help from strategically placed cupcakes and flower pots!

This sentimental play, based on a true story, is full of heart and, well, just a little bare-faced cheek.


Chris Liz Grindley
Annie Anna Desjardins
Ruth Penny Church
Cora Elizabeth Lynch
Celia Claudia Bedford
Jessie Diane Wilson
Marie Susan Mozell
Lady Cravenshire/Brenda Stephanie Georgeson
Elaine Georgia Golledge
Rod Murray Frane
John Michael Richmond
Lawrence/Liam Greg Thornton
Production Team
Director Christopher Hamilton
Assistant Director Maggie Scott
Production Manager Elizabeth Lynch
Stage Manager Carol Keeble
Assistant Stage Managers TBC
Sound & Lighting Operators TBC
Set Design Christopher Hamilton
Set Construction Christopher Hamilton
& The Company
Costume Design Joanna Simpson
Lighting Design TBC
Sound Design TBC


Hunters Hill Theatre is proudly supporting the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and The Concord Hospital Survivorship Centre with our production of Calendar Girls.
When you purchase a ticket you will have the option to donate to either of these organisations.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation awards high impact grants for equipment and infrastructure to help get Australia's most promising cancer research projects off the ground. This technology improves cancer researcher's understanding of cancer and leads to life-saving breakthroughs. You can visit their website to find out more www.acrf.com.au

The Sydney Survivorship Centre at the Concord Hospital is dedicated to help cancer survivors and families better manage their treatment beyond its acute diagnosis and care. They aim to help people make positive lifestyle changes including improving their physical activity and nutrition as well as providing psychological support. You can visit their website to find out more www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/concord/ssc_about.html




Calendar Girls Poster 


Friday November 16: 7.30pm
Saturday November 17: 2.00pm & 7.30pm
Sunday November 18: 2.00pm
Friday November 23: 7.30pm
Saturday November 24: 2.00pm & 7.30pm
Sunday November 25: 2.00pm