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by Joanna McClelland Glass
May 19-31, 2008

Directed by Lynn Trainor


Judge Francis Biddle:
Sarah Schorr:
Peter Dye
Lynne Baillie

Production Team
Production Co-ordinator:
Stage Manager:
Set Designer & Finisher:
Lighting Design:
Lighting & Sound Operator:
Sound Recording:
Set Construction:
Sarah's Costumes:
Biddle's Costumes:
Publicity Card:
Box Office:
Front of House:

Company Driver:
Jo Flanagan
Jo Flanagan
Geoff Kiely
Grant Fraser
Lachlan McWilliams
Philip Brighton
Robert Hunter & Arnold Ewald
Joanna Simpson
Lynn Trainor
Jo Flanagan & Lynn Trainor
Penny Korths
Gay Shannon
Robert Hunter
Dianne Birkenshaw & 
Members of HHT
Robert Hunter