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Driven to Murder

by Olive Chase and Stanley Clayton

August 8-23, 2008

Directed by Julie Redlich


John Ferryman:
Dr Helen Ferryman:
Susan Lovat, Helen's daughter:
Michael Eastwood:
Mrs Parkes:
Mary Eastwood:
Det. Chief Inspector Ian Conway:
Mr Watson:
Kim Oates
Penny Church
Marisa-Clare Berzins
Ashley Wilson
Lynn Trainor
Elizabeth Rutter
Bob Hunter
Dave Went
Claudia Bedford

Production Team

Production Manager:
Stage Manager:
Set Design:
Set Construction:

Set Decor:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Lighting and Sound Operator:
Rehearsal Prompts:
Box Office:
Front of House:
Peter Dye
Coralie Fraser
Peter Dye
Robbie Rose, Grant Fraser,
Bob Hunter, Arnold Ewald,
Peter Dye & Arthur Johnson
Geoff Kiely
Grant Fraser & Malcolm Gers
Philip Brighton
Grant Fraser
Coralie Fraser & Julie Redlich
The Cast
Jan Johnson & Ros Richards
Lynn Trainor
Gay Shannon
Diane Berkinshaw &
Members of HHT