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Out of Sight ... Out of Murder

by Fred Carmichael

May 21 - June 5, 2010

Directed by Lynn Trainor

 In an attempt to get inspiration for his latest work, struggling novelist Peter Knight has retreated to a spooky old mansion, the death scene of another writer several years ago. A storm knocks out the electricity of the mansion and the characters Peter has created spring to life from the page. A murderous comedy thriller.


Peter Knight:
Kay Kelsey:
Dick Stanton:
Jordan Dillingham:
Dave Went
Maria Karambelas
Linda Young
Kim Oates
Fiona Boidi
Ros Richards
Adriane White
Damien McGuiness
Robert Sharpe

Production Credits

Production Co-ordinator:
Lynn Trainor
Stage Manager:
Penny Korths
Set Designer:
Steve Wimmer
Set Builders:
Steve Wimmer, Bob Hunter, Simon Clarke, Grant Fraser, Stephen Snars, Annette van Roden, Rickard Roach, Paul Sztelmar, Leigh Scanlon
Set Painting:
Bob Hunter, Carol Wimmer, Simon Clarke
Scenic Artwork:
Geoff Kiely
Penny Korths & Carol Wimmer
Lighting Design:
Steve Wimmer
Rigging Assistance:
Leigh Scanlon
Sound Recording:
Phil Brighton
Lighting Operator:
Simon Clarke
Sound Operator:
Frances Etheridge
Lynn Trainor, Penny Korths & Cast
Programme Design:
Christopher Ojala
Grant Fraser
Box Office:
Bob Hunter
Front of House:
Bethwyn Jenkinson & Members of HHT
Publicity Postcards:
Penny Korths