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The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde

August 13 - 28, 2010

Directed by Carol Wimmer

Algernon and Jack are earnest about love.  Cecily and Gwendolyn adore the name Ernest.  But who is earnest about being Ernest?  Everybody loves Ernest, but no-one's quite sure who he really is!  A rousing escapade of romance, mistaken identities and comic twists.  The last play written by Oscar Wilde and one of his most popular.



Algernon Moncrieff:
John Worthing JP:
Lady Bracknell:
Hon Gwendolen Fairfax:
Miss Cecily Cardew:
Miss Laetitia Prism:
Rev Canon Chasuble DD:
Andrew O'Connell
Bob Hunter
Jed Evans
Elizabeth Rutter
Tamara Ferrier
Anna Watanabe
Roslyn Richards
Kenneth Bock
Bob Hunter
Brian McLoughlin

Production Credits

Director: Carol Wimmer
Production Co-ordinator:
Lynn Trainor
Stage Manager:
Caolyn Smalls
Set Designer:
Steve Wimmer
Set Construction:
Steve Wimmer with Bob Hunter, Leigh Scanlon & Stephen Snars
Set Painting:
Bob Hunter, Arnold Ewald & Carol Wimmer
Scenic Artwork:
Geoff Kiely
Carol Wimmer
Lighting Design:
Grant Fraser
Stage Crew:
Brian McLoughlin, Steve Wimmer, Adriane White, Bob Hunter
Sound Recording:
Bernard Teuben & Steven Wimmer
Lighting & Sound Operators:
Margaret Olive, Jacqueline Dols & Adriane White
Rehearsal Prompt:
Adriane White
Lynn Trainor
Millinery: Carol Wimmer
Programme Design:
Christopher Ojala
Grant Fraser
Box Office:
Vincie Wahlquist
Front of House:
Bethwyn Jenkinson & Members of HHT
Publicity Postcards:
Penny Korths