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On Golden Pond

by Ernest Thompson

March 4 - 19, 2011

Directed by Carol Wimmer


The loons are back again and so are Norman and Ethel Thayer who have had a summer cottage on Golden Pond for the last 48 years.  This heartfelt drama, made into an unforgettable film starring Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn, is a touching, funny look at a loving marriage in its golden years.



Norman Thayer: Stephen Snars
Ethel Thayer: Jennifer Leslie
Charlie Martin: Paul Sztelma
Chelsea Thayer-Wayne: Leigh Scanlon
Billy Ray: Sash Sakha
Bill Ray: Charles Limpus
Operator: Jacqueline Dols

Production Team

Director: Carol Wimmer
Production Co-ordinator: Andrew Redfern
Stage Manager: Carolyn Smalls
Assistant Stage Manager: Jacqueline Dols
Set Design: Elizabeth Chandler
Set Building & Painting: Steve Wimmer with Elizabeth Chandler, Carol Wimmer, Bob Hunter, Leigh Scanlon, Paul Sztelma, Simon Clarke, Stephen Snars, Annette Snars, Annette van Roden
Scenic Art: Elizabeth Chandler with Geoff Kiely
Costumes: The Cast
Properties: Carol Wimmer, Elizabeth Chandler, Stephen Snars, Simon Clarke
Lighting Design: Steve Wimmer
Sound Design: Steve Wimmer
Lighting Operators: Steve Wimmer, Casey Moon-Watton
Sound Operators: Adriane White, Jude Deadman
Rehearsal Prompts: The Cast and Lynn Trainor
Programme Design: Christopher Ojala
Photography: Grant Fraser
Box Office: Bob Hunter
Front of House: Bethwyn Jenkinson & Members of HHT
Publicity Postcards: Penny Korths