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Wrong Turn at Lungfish

by Garry Marshall and Lowell Ganz

May 18 - June 2, 2012

Directed by Catherine Potter

 A blind, dying, widowed and friendless former college dean, obsessed with evolution and wondering whether man has taken a wrong turn somewhere along the Darwinian path, finds his life brightening when a young volunteer who reads books to the blind enters his grim
hospital room.

Peter Ravenswaal: Dave Went
Nurse: Jacqueline Dols
Anita Merendino: Catherine Dillon
Dominic de Caesar: Patrick Jeffery
Director: Catherine Potter
Production Co-ordinator: Andrew Redfern
Stage Manager: Penny Korths
 Set Design: Peter Dye and Catherine Potter
Set Building: Grant Fraser and Simon Clarke
 Set Painting: Grant Fraser
 Stage Furniture: Penny Korths
 Properties: Penny Korths
 Lighting Design: Grant Fraser
 Sound Design: Peter Tucker
 Light and Sound Operator: Roslyn Harrison
 Costumes: Penny Korths and Catherine Potter
 Accent Coach: Judy Feldman
 Rehearsal Prompt: Ros Richards
 Programme Design: Christopher Ojala
Photography: Grant Fraser and Christopher Ojala
Showcards: Penny Korths
Box Office: Andrew Redfern
Front of House: Bethwyn Jenkinson and Members of HHT




Ideal Performer Age

Peter Ravenswaal

Virile, strong, gruff-voiced and cynical.  Other than being blind, you’d never guess he’s ill.

50’s - late 60’s


Complaining, immature young woman who is somehow going to be a good nurse, some day.

20’s - early 30’s

Anita Merendino

Raised in the tough environment of the Bronx yet has a cheerful, almost innocent optimism.  This hides a low self-esteem.

20’s - 30’s

Dominic de Caesar

Anita’s boyfriend.  A good looking, but not brilliant street guy who can turn mean suddenly.

20’s - 30’s