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Picasso at the Lapin Agile

by Steve Martin

March 1-16, 2013 

 Directed by Jennie Bazell

Take a trip back to Paris 1904 to a bar called the Lapin Agile and an imaginary meeting of two ground-breaking talents of the twentieth century - Albert Einsten and Pablo Picasso, as they exchange hilarious philosophies on life, genius and art. A wonderfully atmospheric start to the 2013 season.

Suzanne: Caitlin Burley
Frede: Geoff Jones
Germaine: Jane E Seymour
Gaston: Jim Burns
Sagot: Lois Marsh
Picasso: Michael Arvithis
Einstein: Simon Hanly-Jones
Schmendiman: Sarath Seethamraju
Countess: Frances Etheridge
Visitor: Sean Flynn
Director: Jennie Bazell
Production Co-ordinator: Joan Rodd
Stage Manager: Frances Etheridge
Set Designer: Jill Keyte
Set Building & Painting: Grant Fraser & Simon Clarke
Scenic Art: Geoffrey Kiely
Properties: Frances Etheridge
Costumes: Penny Korths
Lighting Design: Casey Moon-Watton
Sound Design: Peter Tucker
Musical Composition: Geoff Jones
Musical Staging: Linda Young
Light & Sound Operator: Linda Young
Wardrobe Manager: Joanna Simpson
Wardrobe Assistant: Emily Sigglekow
Rehearsal Prompts: Tim Hunter & Linda Young
Programme Design: Christopher Ojala
Photography: Grant Fraser & Linda Young
Showcards: Penny Korths
Box Office: Andrew Redfern
Front of House: Bethwyn Jenkinson & Members of HHT


Picasso 2013_launch