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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

by Jeffrey Hatcher
Adapted from the novella 'Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'
by Robert Louis Stevenson

August 9-24, 2013 

 Directed by Debbie Smith

This fantastically inventive retelling of Stevenson's classic story is a pacey and complex interpretation of the murky relationship between good and evil. Depravity, lust and horror set in foggy Victorian London. A real winter warmer!

Dr Jekyll: James Hartley
Hyde, Student, Orderly, Man: Jim Burns
Miss Lanyon, Woman, Student: Lois Marsh
Poole, Hyde, Woman: Suzanne Beaver
Elizabeth, Woman: Ruth Murphy
Enfield, Student, Policeman,
Hotel Clerk:

David Hummerston
Utterson, Student, Man: Andrew Robjohns
Hyde, Carew, Inspector: Timothy Bennett
Maid, Child, Student: Daniella Indorato
Sanderson, Police Doctor, Man: Neil Khare
Director: Debbie Smith
Production Co-ordinator: Jennie Bazell
Stage Managers: Jennie Bazell & Penny Korths
Set Designer: Debbie Smith
Lighting & Sound Design: Michael John Schell
Set Building & Painting: Debbie Smith, Grant Fraser & cast members
Scenic Artist: Geoffrey Kiely
Properties: Debbie Smith
Wardrobe Manager: Joanna Simpson
Light & Sound Operators: Eden Segev & Dean Nicholson
Rehearsal Prompt: Jennie Bazell & Penny Korths
Programme Design: Christopher Ojala
Photography: Grant Fraser & Christopher Ojala
Showcards: Penny Korths
Box Office: Andrew Redfern & HHT Members
Front of House: Tim Hunter, Christopher Ojala & HHT Members
Special Thanks to The Genesian Theatre and Peter Henson for their support in assisting with props and costumes

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