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33 Variations

by Moisés Kaufman
May 16 - May 31, 2014

 Directed by Jennie Bazell

One of classical music’s enduring riddles is why Beethoven devoted four years of his diminishing life to writing 33 variations of a mediocre waltz.  Two hundred years later a modern-day music scholar is driven to solve the mystery.  An elegant waltz between past and present, art and life, passion and obsession.

Dr Katherine Brandt: Catherine Potter
Beethoven: Jim Burns
Clara: Jennifer McGrath
Mike: Sam Boneham
Gertie: Liz Lynch
Diabelli: Paul Watson
Schindler: Peter Gizariotis
Pianist: Stephanie McCallum
Director: Jennie Bazell
Production Co-ordinator: Joan Rodd
Stage Manager: Penny Korths
Designer: Christopher Ojala


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