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by Jack Popplewell

November 8-23, 2013 

 Directed by Andrew Redfern

Mrs Piper, the voluble office cleaning lady who knows everyone and tends to mind everyone else's business a little too much, discovers a dead body – or does she? This meddlesome busybody ensures that everyone becomes a suspect in a murder mystery with a predictably unpredictable plot. A riotous whodunnit to end our 2013 Season.

 Mrs Piper: Jan Johnson
Superintendent Baxter: Dave Kirkham
Claire Marshall: Donna Randall
Miss Selby: Penny Church
Victoria Reynolds: Rebecca Leedham
Detective Goddard: Matt Rose
Richard Marshall: Martin Bell
Robert Westerby: David Prickett
Director: Andrew Redfern
Production Co-ordinator: Maggie Scott
Stage Manager: Roslyn Harrison
Designer: Christopher Ojala
Set Construction: Grant Fraser, Christopher Ojala, Andrew Redfern & Simon Clarke


busybody poster

Friday November 8: 8.00pm
Saturday November 9: 4.30pm
Sunday November 10: 4.30pm
Thursday November 14: 8.00pm
Friday November 15: 8.00pm
Saturday November 16: 2.30pm & 8.00pm
Sunday November 17: 4.30pm
Thursday November 21: 8.00pm
Friday November 22: 8.00pm
Saturday November 23: 2.30pm & 8.00pm