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Curtain Up on Murder

by Bettine Manktelow

May 15-30, 2015

Director: Leoni Ryan

A theatre company struggles to rehearse its upcoming play 'Dead On Time' when a raging storm traps the cast and crew overnight inside their spooky little theatre at the end of a pier.  As a ghostly presence floats across the stage and the bodies mount up, we wonder - could this happen at Hunters Hill Theatre.


Martin: Chris Clark
Moppet: Maria Karambelas
Alex: Tom Aldous
Linda: Penny Church
Sandra: Courtney Gibson
Ginny: Georgia Golledge
Harry: Martin Maling
Sylvia: Margareta Moir
Director: Leoni Ryan
Production Co-ordinator: Jennie Bazell
Stage Manager: Coralie Fraser

  Curtain Up web show page

Friday May 15: 8.00pm
Saturday May 16: 2.30pm
Sunday May 17: 2.30pm
Thursday May 21: 8.00pm
Friday May 22: 8.00pm
Saturday May 23: 2.30pm & 8.00pm
Sunday May 24: 2.30pm
Thursday May 28: 8.00pm
Friday May 29: 8.00pm
Saturday May 30: 2.30pm & 8.00pm