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Moonlight and Magnolias

by Ron Hutchinson

November 4-19, 2016

 Director: Maggie Scott

1939 Hollywood. Legendary producer David O. Selznick has shut down production of his new epic, Gone with the Wind - the screenplay just doesn’t work. Summoning screenwriter Ben Hecht and director, Victor Fleming to his office, he locks the doors, closes the shades, and on a diet
of bananas and peanuts, the three men frantically craft one of the most beloved screenplays of all time.



Davd O Selznick: Martin Bell
Ben Hecht: Dean Nicholson
Victor Fleming: Christopher Hamilton
Miss Poppenghul: Maria Karambelas

Director: Maggie Scott
Production Co-ordinator: Simon Clarke





Friday November 4: 8.00pm
Saturday November 5: 4.30pm
Sunday November 6: 4.30pm
Thursday November 10: 8.00pm
Friday November 11: 8.00pm
Saturday November 12: 2.30pm & 8.00pm
Sunday November 13: 4.30pm
Thursday November 17: 8.00pm
Friday November 18: 8.00pm
Saturday November 19: 2.30pm & 8.00pm