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Bedroom Farce

by Alan Ayckbourn

March 4-19, 2016

 Director: Lynn Trainor

 Four couples, three bedrooms … one tumultuous evening! A laugh-out-loud funny and relatable slice of modern coupledom as three beleaguered couples’ lives are thrown into chaos by a fourth whose marriage is on the rocks … proving that four into three just won’t go. A great opener to Hunters Hill Theatre’s 2016 season.

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Ernest: Charles Limpus
Delia: Wendy Nash
Trevor: Larry Murphy
Susannah: Reich Webber-Montenegro
Jan: Donna Randall
Nick: Dean Nicholson
Malcolm: Simon Clarke
Kate: Lauren Vincent
Director: Lynn Trainor
Stage Manager: Coralie Fraser
Set Designer: Lynn Trainor
Set Construction: Grant Fraser
Costumes: Lynn Trainor
Lighting Designer: Roderick van Gelder
Sound Designer: Peter Tucker



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Friday March 4: 8.00pm
Saturday March 5: 4.30pm
Sunday March 6: 4.30pm
Thursday March 10: 8.00pm
Friday March 11: 8.00pm
Saturday March 12: 2.30pm & 8.00pm
Sunday March 13: 4.30pm
Thursday March 17: 8.00pm
Friday March 18: 8.00pm
Saturday March 19: 2.30pm & 8.00pm